Top5 3D ships


Today I’ll show you 5 very nice ships, which you can find on online 3D model marketplace – CGTrader.

5.List will start simple origami-paper type ship, which I believe we all did in our childhood. For adventure to our past we can thank to  boriscargo for creating this 3d model.

4.Next let’s go even more to the past. When mighty vikings were sailing in Baltic Sea and Atlantic Ocean’s north. This 3d model created using photos of real old real viking ship as references and it’s fully animated. Artist: signSTUDIOS

3.Next we have 3d model of a Vosper MTB – Italian motor torpedo boat by 3dwizard

2.In second place we have  Pennsylvania-class battleship built for and by the United States Navy in the mid-1910s – BB-39 USS Arizona. This model is very detailed and has single complete UV map and template.3D model made by John_MacNeill

1.And this week’s first is well-known R.M.S. Titanic.  RMS Titanic, a passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on 15 April 1912 after colliding with an iceberg. Marking it’s 100 year anniversary, many cruises took place. This very detailed and high-resolution 3d model is made by deespona

More ships 3d models and other objects related to watercraft you can find on CGTrader.

Top5 3D Characters

Today I’ll show you 5 well-known character’s 3D models which you can buy on CGTrader. So let’s see what funny or maybe scary characters I found.

5.I’ll start list with simple, but yet funny character from Spongebob Squarepants – snail Gary. Author of it is Supercigale, who has a lot of similar 3d models.

Gary 3d model

4.Next we have robot Atom, 3d model from recent movie “Real Steal“. If you have not seen it, I recommend to watch. 3D model author: cooldude5757

Atom 3d model

3.Here we have joyful 3d model of Santa from deespona.

Santa 3D model

2.Next 3d model offers two, well-known characters. It’s Buzz & Woody duet from animated Toy Story trilogy. Models by: fabelar

Toy story 3d model

1.And in first place this week is my one of favorite character from Spiderman – Venom 3D model. Author of this high detailed model is 3DLam

Venom 3D model

If you want even more characters 3d models, just go to CGTrader and search for your needs.

Top5 Guns

This week I’ll try to post 5 best looking guns in my opinion.

5.It’s aasault rifle with holo scope and it’s ready to use in games since it’s low polygons count, but still looks amazing. Author: EverettG

4.This time let’s look at something from old times. This very detailed antique flintlock pistol gun is great example that beautifull doesn’t mean necessary new. Artist: sidnaique

3.And here we have iconic gun of most gangsters or just some shooting films. Most of times you’ll need two of them 😀 Artist: deespona

2.It’s pistol older than 100 years and still used . It was used in WWII and now US army and LAPD still uses it. I’s Colt 1911 A1 and here it’s very detailed and high resolution model. Artist: GreenHornet 

1. And here I present very realistic Desert Eagle .357 Magnum. I don’t say that other models are worse, but just when I saw it, knew that it’ll be in my list’s first place. Artist:VisuArt3D

CGTrader is place for you, if you’re looking for weapons 3d models or any other stuff.

Top 5 sports car.

So, as you can see from title, today I’ll start simple and begin my top5 series with sports cars.

5. Our list we will start with Ferrari F40. It is a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive  sports car produced by Ferrari and for two years it was Ferrari’s fastest, most powerful, and most expensive car. Model is very high quality and you can see even smallest details. Author: deespona

4. Next on our list is 1963 Chevrolet Corvette, also known as the Corvette Sting Ray. This model has really high detail level and every, even smallest, accessories are here. Add good textures, smoothness and materials and you have perfect car model. Author: PixelInside

3. Shelby GT500 “Super Snake” is third on the list. I always had thing for “muscle” cars and seeing such a high quality…. it just feels good 🙂 Author: mukan

2. And here we have Lamborghini Murciélago. High resolution model which leaves you speechless. Author: sbgwolf

1. And best model in my opinion is Nissan GTR. At first you can think it’s a photo of a real car, but it is a realistic 3D model. I just don’t have words to say how awesome it looks. Author: humster3d


All pictures are from 3d models marketplace All models you can buy just by clicking on picture and you will be redirected to the store. More cars 3d models!